Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hi, how are you?!?

I just happen to remember about this blog that I have and thought to check it to see if it's still working :P Lo and behold, it still is working eventhough my last post was waaaaay back May 2010.

As the Aussie greeting goes, "Hi, how are you?" I would like to reply, "Good, thanks! How are you?"

Friday, May 28, 2010

The land down under

Me and the kids first set foot here in Sydney last May 15. The travel was ok aside from the occasional stressful scenes like if the kids get cranky on the plane. I had to also deal with frequent spit-ups and throw-ups from them. :)

Adjustment is not really an issue as far as I am concerned. It's just like we are in the Philippines, only with the cold weather which we love! It's getting winter here. I'm pretty lucky that I get to be with my mom until August to help me look after the kids. Super goodluck to me when she leaves by then! haha!

Overall, I am happy that we are living the way we planned and the way we wanted. We can never thank God enough for this wonderful opportunity.

Here's to a good life for us here in Oz!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pre-Loved Items For Sale!

For those interested, please send me a private message to

I can do meet-ups in Alabang for small items. All items are ready for pick up in our house. Email me if you are interested! :)

6-seater dining table: Php5,500

Avent Breast Shield: Php800

Next9 Baby Sling: Php1,000

at Php700.00

Battery-operated Educational Toy
priced at Php250.00

Play Mat
priced at Php300.00

Toshiba DVD Player
Priced at Php1,500.00

Diaper Organizer
Priced at Php600.00

Aprova Walker
Priced at Php500.00

Chicco Steam Sterilizer
Priced at Pho1,000.00

Hand-woven Duyan
Priced at Php200.00

Authentic Brand New Barbie Doll
Priced at Php400.00

Chicco Manual Breast Pump
Priced at Php400.00

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Andrea Laureen Turns 1!

We held a party to celebrate Lolin's 1st birthday last April 11. Our original plan is to celebrate it in May since Daddy Ian will be here by then. However, nothing is final yet on when he will come home and for how long will he stay here before we take off to Oz, so we decided to have the party this April instead. I had only 5 days preparing for this including looking for a Jollibee venue. haha!

Venue: Jollibee Alabang Junction
My first choice is really Jollibee Festival Mall but as expected, all slots were booked for April 11 when I inquired. I initially have a pencil booking with them for May 9 but it was given to another client already when I forgot to renew my booking.

Just a tip on those who plan to celebrate in a fastfood, make sure that you count the food before the crew serve it. This was my first time with Jollibee (and to any fastfood for that matter) and I was surprised when I saw that the crew were already distributing the food to my guests. Some guests were left waiting for their food because apparently, they did not prepare the exact number. It was also very difficult to check on how many meals did they actually served. When I was about to settle my bill, they were charging me of 5 additional regular softdrinks because some guests requested for it. Duh?! I, myself didn't get to have a drink with my meal plus the ice cream included! I was firm that I will not pay for it plus they didn't have me sign for that. I waited for 30mins or so while the manager is nowhere to be found before i settled my bill. I could have just flown away without paying a cent!

Entertainment: Jollitown Mascots

It was my intention to have the 5 mascots present in the party. First, I anticipate the usual fastfood-party program to be, well, typically boring (sorry for this but this is my own opinion) so I wanted something that will "wow" the guests -- children and adult. True enough, my friends told me they were happy to experience all the mascots present in one party :) And you are right, the kids went enormously hyper when the gang came out. Twirlie was not in the picture because she already came out few minutes before we start the program to receive guests.

Face Painter: John Lord Tobias
My friend's brother is super talented that I got him as my face painter. I just bought face paint.

Party Favors: OMG (Oh My Gifts)

Me and my friend chanced upon this stall in ATC. They were selling cute cellphone holders at 50% off. Got these at 50 pesos each. Too bad they only have 50pcs on stock. For the kids, I bought cute ballpens also in OMG at 49pesos each. They gave me a 10% discount for the pens.

Birthday cake: Red Ribbon

I got this design with a matching Barbie doll which meant a cake and a toy for Laureen. Jollibee gave us a free medium-sized cake also.

Balloon Decors: Party Time
I got balloonderitas and two balloon pillars. They were also my supplier for Laureen's baptism last June.

Tarpaulin: Gail Monzon
My ever-reliable friend :)

Over-all, I was happy with the party considering the amount of time for the preparations. Oh, and the photos? All were courtesy of my guests whom I required to bring their own cameras. haha. It was a good idea since I had the pictures of ALL the guests :)

April 14

Last April 14, 2010 marked our 3rd yr wedding anniversary. The 2nd time that hubby is out of the country. I've actually met with my client that day and after two days, I went shopping! Well, that was one "happy" way to celebrate it, at least for me. :D

I got my 2nd lacoste bag (the 1st was also a gift from hubby) and a nice kenneth cole watch. I was leaning towards getting the imara keeva nike watch but hubby suggested i get a kenneth cole instead. Good thing i found a KC watch i like :)

oh and since the watch is on sale, i had the chance to get myself a havaianas slipper too!

Thanks to my dear hubby for giving me a budget to shop! Happy me!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pre-Loved Baby Items FOR SALE!

Pre-Loved Baby Items:

"These are slightly used items of Inigo and Laureen. All are guaranteed still in good conditions. PM me for more info:"

Friday, February 05, 2010

Laureen at 10 months!

This is my first video project. I was actually inspired by one of my nawie-sister who made an AVP for her son's 1st birthday. Nothing fancy, but I felt happy watching it. Hopefully I would be able to learn more about this before Lolin's first birthday. Teehee!

To our dear Lolin, you will always be our little princess! We love you! Happy 10th month!

Lolin at 10 months from manel cosinas on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Happy 2010!

There's so much to be thankful for the year 2009.

1. Daddy Ian got a new job and got his first trip to Sydney in end of March 2009. Though that meant he was out of the country when Andrea Laureen was born.
2. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl and managed to control my post-natal stress. haha!
3. We transferred to a new apartment which made us very much close to Mama's house! We only needed to hire one helper and it saved us much!
4. I started an events coordination business -- something that I want to do while being a SAHM. Something to look forward to and also became my ME-TIME.
5. And the very highlight of it all -- our Australian Immigrant Visa was approved.

We are really humbled and grateful for the Lord has been so good to us!

And so what's up with 2010? We are on the first week of February and the January just flew so fast. Since our visa was approved, Daddy Ian had to leave for Sydney early this year to (1) find a job, and (2) settle-down. He already accomplished job number 1 (and we are praising God for this). And now he is working on his job number 2 -- to settle down. Hopefully, we would be able to be with him come May. Can't wait!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Beware of a person named ARNOLD GOMEZ of GUESS Shop in MOA

I had a very terrible experience with a disrespectful, ill-mannered, and rude employee of a Guess Shop in SM Mall Of Asia.

I had a scheduled meeting with one of my December brides in MOA this afternoon and I decided to bring along Inigo and Mama since Ian can just pick us up there after he goes out of the office. Not knowing that Manny Pacquiao will be there at around 2pm, there were so many people gathered around the stage and within the area. We didn't even plan to watch hence, we decided to walk around and look for some place to eat instead. With the number of people in the area, you can hardly see where you are walking and you can hardly breathe. And since there are shops within the area, we decided to stop at GUESS boutique to catch some air and to let some people pass by since we are with Inigo and we are afraid that in any moment, there would be a stampede since Manny just came out of the stage and all of the people are trying to catch a glimpse of him and were running to the stage area.

We stopped at the front door of GUESS and after a few seconds, a guy was already telling us to go out. He is one of the staff of GUESS and he is standing beside the door. I told him that we will just let some people pass by since we are with a kid. He insisted and with a loud voice, he shouted at me saying "Ayan na o naglalakad na yung mga tao. Pwede na kayong dumaan!" At this point, i was fuming mad! Firstly, he should not be shouting at me. He could have said it in a more polite manner. He reasons out that we are blocking the entrance of their shop. Their door was wide open and at that point, we only occupy one side of the door. Nevertheless, he should have just told us to come inside so as not to block the door. I shouted at him also telling him that he need not to shout at me and I was asking him, "Baket, bawal ba dito?! Nakita mo nang madaming tao sa labas, hindi ba pwedeng maghintay ng saglit?" And at this point, we were already shouting at each other. Ian was not able to contain it also since he was hearing how the staff was shouting at me and reasoning out, Ian shouted at him also. I asked for the Store Manager and she was just staring at us when I saw her. She was apologetic however, she did not ask her staff to stop shouting and reasoning out.

The staff's name as what the Store Manager (Caludette Gaba) told me, is ARNOLD GOMEZ. I am planning to file a formal complaint to Calfiornia Clothing Inc., the distributor of GUESS here in the Philippines. I really feel that we were disrespected by this person and that their staffs should be given a training in customer service. Even if we just stopped by the store, we are still considered as customers and we should be given due respect. I have been a customer of GUESS ever since and I am really disappointed and upset about what happened.

I wasn't able to take a picture of ARNOLD GOMEZ but once I get hold a picture of him, i'll post it in this blog.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pre-Loved Items For SALE!

We are selling some of our pre-loved items:

Imarflex Microwave Oven

- Slightly used
- Priced at Php3,500

Geoby Stroller
- Lightweight
- Can be used by infants (flatbed recline)
- Priced at Php3,000